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April 21, 2008


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Cynthia Prestia

What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Dilys.

As I mature, the desire to look nice and feel well dressed at all times has pretty much won out.

Gone are the days where I would be comfortable throwing on the torn, nearly clean sweats at the bottom of the pile at the foot of my bed to run to the grocery store. I still have the sweats. I still have the pile. The difference is I am no longer comfortable wearing them in public and barely comfortable wearing them at all! Clothes have an expiration date. I am learning to honor that. If they are scuffed, torn, worn, battered, stained – out they go!!! I vow to you all today that no matter how comfy or how favorite an article of clothing may be, if it’s past it’s expiration date – out it goes!!!

Wearing scuffed, torn, worn, battered, stained clothing says something about how a person feels about themselves. I don’t feel that way about myself (anymore) and I don’t want that old attitude reflected in the way I dress myself. More about how I do dress later . . .!

The times they are a changin’ . . . Amen!!!

Karen Williams

I like the idea of looking good, but being comfortable. Not being in style, but having my own style. At 60 I don't want to wear what is in. Your photo is a very good choice.

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