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April 22, 2008


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I had such a smile on my face, reading your blog.
I am curious and excited to witness, where this blog is headed and what it is going to morph into as it grows.
I can't say why, as I have lived this truly grey dull mother bear clothes life now for simply far too long, this blog speaks to me in more ways than just one.
Lately, for the first time in 12 years, I have gone out to buy myself new BEAUTIFUL clothes. I have started to loose weight ... I am on my way to living myself again... and boy/woman, does it feel good to be BACK :-) Before I met my husband, I used to be so stylish, Muppe-style only, yet having lost the energy it takes to keep it up (from shopping to bringing it into the dry cleaner to actually standing in your closet and taking the time to whip up a good out fit with all my little ones around) I seemed to have lost a sense of my inner essence, or maybe my inner essence had turned into the sweatshirt and ponytail look, who knows. But it's that inner essence of the younger me, which identified herself through herself alone and not the roll of a mother, is what I am recovering these day. Your blog seems to address the process of expressing and in some cases reclaiming the inner essence and letting it shine to the outer world through style.
It certainly spoke to me.
Love it ... go on!

D. Malone

What a wonderful conversation to be a part of.

There IS something fascinating about women as we age - I think our
beauty/style becomes complex - interesting - in a way it isn't very
when we are young and the bloom and loveliness we have is just an 'oh,
well'. A given. We become more a reflection of who we are and how
we've lived - we wear our choices and our sense of self.

I mean, I look at Helen Mirren and am fascinated how so many young
people totally pick up on her sexiness. I mean, she doesn't seemed to
have used a lot of smoke and mirrors to put herself together - I'm
thinking Madonna/Demi Moore. Helen actually LOOKS like a woman her age
and she STILL exudes this alluring quality - this beauty - that is
utterly contained in who she is rather than what age her various parts
can pass for.

What is that? Her confidence? Her carriage? How she talks? The fact
that she's cast as Queens so often? I mean, she IS beautiful. I can
see that. But for kids my daughters ages to call her 'hot'? I'm always
amazed. I look at them and think, how do you see that, too?

I would love to have more of whatever it is she's got! And I would
love to be a part of a generation of women who support that vision
and belief in each other, as well. Instead of running around in herd
panic, botoxing, ironing, and starving our poor selves. This mass
group rush to apologize for no longer being 30 makes me sad AND want
to move to Europe.

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